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Smears keep company with the inaccuracies

09 August, 2019

• THE government’s majority has been cut to one seat only by the defeat in the latest by-election. Boris Johnson’s lot lost 9.5 per cent of an 8,000 majority.

Since its creation in 1918 Brecon & Radnorshire saw Labour win four times out of 18 and always by a close margin. Their last win was in 1970.

But that has not stopped the establishment encouraging the Tories, accompanied by Labour spin-doctors Lord Mandelson and Alastair Campbell, and some Labour MPs, mud-slinging for years.

George Osborne (remember him, the chancellor that introduced “austerity-politics”?) now, as editor of the Evening Standard, as we know, has Labour’s best interests always at heart; he offers a poll asserting that the majority of Labour voters want Jeremy Corbyn to stand down as party leader.

The assault on Corbyn’s Labour has been relentless – take David Blunkett to the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg just 10 minutes after he was elected leader by 59 per cent in September 2015.

Let’s be honest. No one, least of all Corbyn, expected the veteran left-winger to win. He was nominated to give the appearance of an open contest that was designed to appease the left. But he won.

Then, like headless chickens, opinion writers went into overdrive, as they knew better than Labour Party rank and file voters, obviously!

The coronation of Boris Johnson with, not 44 million voters, no no no, come on, only 92,000 Tory members saw him prime minister without the tacky need for a general election. Which pales in comparison when 313,000 voted to elect Corbyn as leader.

Of course, it’s ABC – Anyone But Corbyn – where smears keep inaccuracies for company, are thrown on a daily, if not hourly, basis in obvious desperation.

Some say that the right of the Parliamentary Labour Party would support Boris Johnson in any form rather than let Labour win.

The last thing that they want is an honest, decent, clear-speaking messenger as they are hell-bent on rubbishing the message to prevent Labour getting into Number 10, democratically.

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