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Snap up Elton’s old flat in Highbury

One-bedroom property where Rocketman star lived in the 1970s inspired one of his biggest hits

18 December, 2020 — By Helen Chapman

The Furlong Road house once home to Sir Elton John

A ONE-BED flat once home to Sir Elton John is… still standing but is being refurbished with the hope of attracting new interest among renters next year.

The flat in Highbury, currently costing tenants £1,300 a month, is where the Rocketman star lived in the 1970s.

His song Someone Saved my Life Tonight was about an incident at the property in which friends stopped him from taking his own life.

Sir Elton John. Photo: Ernst Vikne

In the song Sir Elton sings: “When I think of those East End lights, muggy nights the curtains drawn, in the little room downstairs…  my friend’s out there rolling around the basement floor.”

The property in Furlong Road has garden access and the refurb is expected to finish sometime next year.

Freddie Grubb, lettings manager at Alwyne Estates, said: “It is a cosy basement flat with a small bathroom but it has always been in some ways popular. People know that Elton John used to live there and sometimes there are people outside taking pictures.”

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