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Solidarity with George…

04 October, 2018 — By John Gulliver

Jeremy Corbyn at the wake for his friend George Durack with, from left, Elizabeth Ffiong, Lynda Roast and George’s daughter Elaine

WHAT stuck in Jeremy Corbyn’s mind at the funeral service on Friday for his old friend George Durack were the last minutes with him at a Hampstead hospice.

“As I said farewell, George smiled and raised his arm,” Corbyn told mourners, his voice breaking gently. Then, Corbyn raised his arm, as George had done, with a clenched-fist salute of “solidarity”.

Labour’s leader was among more than 200 mourners for George Durack, a pensioners’ leader in Islington, trade union activist, war veteran who fought with the Desert Rats, who died at 94.

George Durack

Later, Corbyn with his wife Laura, joined the crowded wake at the Oak and Pastor pub in Archway, and didn’t leave until several hours later. He’d put aside other diary functions for that day – he wanted to be with George’s family, men and women he’d known for years, and he looked completely at home. He’s got his sense of priorities right.


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