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Sometimes the library’s a bit like a crèche

23 May, 2019

• YOU report Maria Colucci, Belsize Park Community Library manager, saying “it is seen as a children’s library…but I want it to be for adults too” (Volunteers hope to boost library use with ‘not just for children’ message, May 16).

Every time I have called in there in the mornings when it is open, it is virtually a crèche with chaos, noise and children running everywhere. It would be quite impossible to study or read quietly.

Unlike the Keats Grove Library in Hampstead there is no separate room for the children. So I suggest if she really wants adults to come and use the library for its proper purpose it is closed in the mornings (that is, open for children only) and open afternoons for adults, with no children playing there.

I am aware this is a sensitive issue but after all the community support and pressure to retain it, it is only sensible not to deter potential users.



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