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Speeding buses are a danger to pedestrians… and my home

01 March, 2019

• BUSES continually speed up along the straight stretch of Tollington Road, Holloway. The excessive speeds are causing numerous near-misses involving schoolchildren and the public at the major crossing opposite Hertslet Road, a deceptively blind bend for buses.

The buses seem to speed up when they don’t see anybody waiting at the bus stop, and this seems to happen more at night. We live in Tollington Road, and witness these near-misses on a daily basis.

Not only that, the reverberations from the speeding buses are excessive and dramatic through our building 24 hours a day. The whole building shakes when bus speeds are in excess of 20mph.

Solution: Islington has a 20mph speed limit on all its roads. We are asking that the 20mph limit is enforced along this stretch of road which falls under Transport for London authority.

I believe it would reduce significantly the road danger to the public, and the thumping vibrations to nearside buildings. It would be an easy addition to the Vision Zero for London, and the Bus Safety Programme.

Portrait painter, N7


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