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Highbury Corner: Stop living in a car-infested past

09 March, 2018

• THE illustrious signatories of the letter complaining about delays in roadworks at Highbury Corner may all be better off and more prestigious than myself, but they clearly can’t think straight, (Highbury Corner: Give us a break before yet more roadworks, March 2).

Archway pedestrian/cycling area did not take years to put in. This is recorded history, and I’m surprised the information was not checked.

They say that works at Highbury have been going on for three years, and we need to speed them up. To speed the works up, they want a pause. Since when have pauses speed­ed anything up? And since they also say there are only “a few more months to go”, why stop now?

They say “there is too much provision for cyclists”. Are they seriously arguing that motors would not have enough room, occupying as they will most of the road?

The possibility that children, women, the elderly and the disabled might cycle should be eliminated in their view, because cars should take precedence? They also complain that the pedestrianised area is already being built. People on foot will indeed have lot of space to walk on. What is the big problem with that?

In 2018, motor-centric road design is no longer deemed suitable for inner cities. The illustrious signatories of the anti-cycling and anti-walking letter need to buck up their ideas and stop living in a car-infested past.

Not chair of anything whatsoever but user of Highbury Corner
Wedmore Gardens, N19


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