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Street art Windrush protest in Kentish Town

Pink lettering in Prince of Wales Road spells out 'Windblush'

24 May, 2018 — By Dan Carrier

The message left on a former art gallery in Prince of Wales Road

STREET art has appear­ed in Kentish Town with an inescapable message sent to the Home Office over the Windrush fiasco.

Blazoned across the shopfront of the now-closed Beardsmore Gallery, in Prince of Wales Road, the 5ft-high, pink lettering asks “Wind­blush?”

It was created by a group of anonymous artists who this month put up two other pieces on empty shops just yards away, questioning why they were lying empty when homeless­ness in London is at record highs.

One of the group’s members said: “We, like any right-minded person, are disgusted by the way our fellow Londoners, whose parents or themselves moved here to help make our nation a better place, have been treated.”


They added: “It is a matter of deep, deep shame that some of our Windrush generation have been living under a threat of deportation. It goes against all the values British people hold dear. We wanted to make that point through this piece of art.”

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