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Students fight for teachers who make us what we are

05 April, 2019

• LET me tell you something about my former school, St Aloysius’ College. My school experience was full of ups-and-downs but mostly ups. I was never a goody-two-shoes or anything; in fact, I was the complete opposite.

I was brought to teachers’ attention right away in Year 7 due to my behaviour issues, but over the course of the five years I was there I grew into a man. I learnt to respect everyone and discipline, but this was purely down to the teachers I had.

Teachers you could have a one-to-one, real conversation with are vitally important. Some of the worst boys were kept out of trouble because of people like Cindy Evans, Mr Watts, Lorna, Dorothy, Mr Mannion, Mr Doherty, Ms Toprak, Mr Simon, Miss Doorly, Mr Gaye, Mr Hulmes, Mr Fraser, Ms Mauris Blanc, Mr Balasis, Mr Osman, Ms Mannion, Mr Mahmoud, Mr Lawrence, Ms Sogejeva, Mrs Verebyli, Mr Nyame, Danny the janitor, Brendan the technician, all the staff in SEN [special educational needs] and EAL [English as an additional language] and the PE teachers.

They would have students coming to them with problems because trust was built between them. Unfortunately, schools and the government aren’t looking for teachers to build rapport/relationships with students any longer. They purely want robotic teachers with no emotion and no sympathy towards students. The aim is to gain 100 per cent for everything so they look good to Ofsted.

Teachers are more important than people think because they impact students’ lives and they don’t even realise it. These types of teachers, whether or not they stayed at St Aloysius’, will be remembered forever by pupils.

We just want you to know you did your job correctly. You influenced pupils in ways you never thought you did. You are the true reason St Aloysius’ was a successful school for a long period of time. So wherever you go in life remember you influenced people to become the best person they can, just because they had someone like you to look up to and speak to when something was up.

We also understand that you know what is happening at our school is wrong, but you cannot speak up. But don’t worry, students will fight for you because you made us who we are today and we will never forget.

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