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Takeaway moves out after record fine

Holloway Road fast-food restaurant was hit with £11,000 charge for fly tipping

18 August, 2017 — By Koos Couvée

Councillor Claudia Webbe: ‘This takeaway business ignored all our efforts to engage with them and did not even turn up to defend themselves in court’

A HOLLOWAY fast-food restaurant has said it is closing down after being slapped with a record £11,000 fine for fly tipping.

Papa Winny’s, an independent Caribbean takeaway in Holloway Road, has said it is moving outside the borough after Islington Council meted out its biggest ever fine for the offence.

Town Hall officers caught staff repeatedly dumping waste in a residential recycling centre nearby. Staff were also seen leaving black bin bags on the pavement outside the premises, and were found guilty of failing to provide proof of any contract with a commercial waste firm – a legal requirement for all businesses.

The council’s enforcement officers spotted the first offence and spoke to an employee, issuing a £400 fixed penalty notice that would have been reduced to £200 if paid within 10 days. But after two fines were left unpaid despite correspondence from the council, court proceedings were started. A further three offences were recorded subsequently.

Papa Winny’s did not contest any of the charges at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court and no representative attended the hearings. They were convicted in their absence.

In a message on social media, the owners said they had begged customers not to litter, and described the fine amount as “outrageous”.

“We feel like Islington Council has tried to bully us since opening the shop with zero support but instead continuous fines,” they said. “We have had enough now. Time to find some new premises outside of Islington!!!”

But Councillor Claudia Webbe, Islington’s executive member for environment and transport, said: “This prosecution sends out a clear message that fly-tipping is simply unacceptable and we will not stand for it. This takeaway business ignored all our efforts to engage with them and did not even turn up to defend themselves in court. We support small businesses in every way we can but it is essential that they respect the law.”

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