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Teaching youth to change their tune; Holloway is smiles better; ‘We never had mangos in the 80s!’

16 December, 2016 — By Helen Chandler-Wilde

WAYNE Spencer, 35, is a former youth Arsenal player who has lived in Highbury for 12 years. He now teaches music to young people in Holloway. “I want to teach them skills and tell them that crime never pays,” he says. “I wish I had known that at their age.” He thinks that more apprenticeships would help young people get on in life. “Youths get stressed out being thrown straight into work,” he says. “It’s better to do a mixture of studying and working.”

BEVERLY Gibbs, 71, has lived in Holloway for more than 40 years. Over that time she thinks people in the area have become friendlier towards each other. “A smile is healthy,” she says. “It’s what has kept me young inside.” She thinks that Holloway will change over the next few years as Britain leaves the EU. “It’s going to be a good thing in the end,” she says. “Maybe some people don’t realise that. But how can anyone moan about what’s happening in the country when everything is so good?”

KEITH West, 60, has run a fruit and vegetable stall in Seven Sisters Road for 33 years. He says that population changes in Holloway have altered what he sells on his stand. “We never had mangos in the 80s!” he says. He thinks the area has changed in other ways too. “CCTV in the area has massively reduced street crime. I feel safer walking down the street now.”


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