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Temporary bus stop queues in Highbury ‘trapped in their homes’

Pain for residents in St Pauls Road ahead of Highbury Corner's official opening

07 June, 2019 — By Emily Finch

Owen Barclay at the “trouble” bus stop

A TEMPORARY bus stop is causing havoc for residents who warn that they feel trapped in their homes as people have started queuing on their doorsteps.

Residents at Highbury Corner end of St Paul’s Road have asked for the bus stop near their homes to be removed because they are sick of people blocking their doorway.

Suzanne Harris, who lives in the road, said: “This bus stop is trouble. People are just sitting outside our front doors. It’s not just a pain for me and my children to get in and out but the pavement’s blocked and its made a new danger where people turning right out of Compton road can’t see or know the bus is stopped and cyclists are overtaking the buses. It’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Queues during rush hour outside the home 

Residents believe that the usual bus stop outside 282 St Paul’s Road has been temporarily moved outside their homes to test whether it will help the flow of traffic following changes at Highbury Corner.

Owen Barclay, a bike shop owner who lives in St Paul’s Road, said: “Some people are feeling trapped in their homes. I don’t understand why this bus stop isn’t removed when there is another one just 100 yards away.”

Transport chief Councillor Claudia Webbe has previously said the new design “tackles road danger” and makes it a safer junction for pedestrians and cyclists.

Residents believe that the layout changes at Highbury corner have seen a huge spike in traffic down their road.

“They should just cut their losses and turn it back into a roundabout,” said another neighbour, Jane Glitre.

She added: “We also seem to be getting so many trucks since the introduction of the Ultra Low Emission Zone. Since our road isn’t in the zone everyone uses it. The bus stop moving has made our lives miserable.”

Last month, the Tribune reported how parents from nearby Canonbury Primary School said pupils’ lives were being put at risk by the siting of traffic lights in St Paul’s Road.

The new Highbury Corner layout will be officially launched in September.

A Transport for London spokeswoman said: “We’re sorry if some residents are not happy with the location of the temporary bus stop. A permanent location for the bus stop will be identified over the coming months as work to transform Highbury Corner completes.

“We’d like to thank residents for their patience while we transform the intimidating roundabout.

“Work is still ongoing and we are actively monitoring the junction as people get used to the new layout. As the work completes, we are fine-tuning signal timings to ensure the needs of all users of this busy junction are balanced.”

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