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Tenants’ fears over housing associations merger

02 March, 2018

• ISLINGTON Homes for All – Axe the Act campaigns for the provision of secure-tenure social housing.

Between 1997 and 2016, Islington lost around 17 per cent of its social housing, including a third of council homes. This has added to the upward pressure on housing costs.

In 2016, the average price of a home was a staggering 16.5 times the median income. Private sector rents stood at around two-thirds of the average monthly wage.

The 2016 Housing Act is aimed at increasing marketisation of social housing provision. This results in housing association developments like that in Bunhill Row, where out of 65 homes, only 19 are for social rent while 16 are for sale at an (unaffordable for most) price of more than £1m.

Now, two of the borough’s largest housing associations, Peabody and Family Mosaic, are merging. Many tenants fear this is the beginning of the end of their commitment to social housing and a move towards development of property for sale and rent at increasingly un­affordable market prices.

We fully support tenants and residents of Peabody and Family Voice in their campaign against the merger of these associations. We urge all other tenants of Peabody and Family Mosaic to join them. Contact or

Chair, Islington Homes for All – Axe the Act


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