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Terry Stacy steps down as Lib Dem candidate for Islington South and Finsbury

Former Town Hall chief Terry Stacy is not standing, citing work and family commitments

20 April, 2017 — By Koos Couvée

Former Lib Dem Town Hall chief Terry Stacy

THE Liberal Democrats have announced a surprise candidate to take on Emily Thornberry in Islington South and Finsbury after former Town Hall leader Terry Stacy stepped down.

Alain Desmier, chairman of the Islington Lib Dems candidate for Islington South, was picked by local party officials last night (Wednesday) after Mr Stacy – who contested the seat in 2015 and was selected to do so again in 2020 – pulled out, citing work and family commitments.

Mr Stacy said: “In my current role as Head of Office for the Liberal Democrats at the Local Government Association, I am committed to helping all our councillors and Councils throughout the country which involves a large amount of work across the country, travel and weekends away.

“Given there are local elections throughout the country on May 4th – I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to leading the fight in my local constituency in Islington. I believe we need someone who has time and energy to take over this role and continue to take the fight our incumbent Labour MP who has let down the people of Islington South and Finsbury.”

Alain Desmier, the surprise Lib Dem candidate for Islington South and Finsbury

However, the fact that Mr Stacy did not decide to quite his job could be interpreted as evidence that he did not believe he could have won the seat, where Labour’s Emily Thornberry has a majority of 12,708.

Mr Desmier said: “Two French names reflect my family’s internationalism and I feel our country’s commitment to international tolerance is being challenged and Islington South is being failed by a local MP putting the interests of her party ahead of the interest of her constituents.

“With such a diverse, pro-European, local population, I am uniquely placed to represent and understand the views of both our British born residents, and those who have settled in our community from around the world and now call Islington home.”

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