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TfL is not listening – to whom are they accountable?

07 February, 2020

• TRANSPORT for London’s proposals to ban vehicles from turning left from Camden Street into Camden Road, which have been extensively reported in the CNJ, will cause “rat-running” in quiet residential streets to the north of Camden Road (Bonny Street, Ivor Street, Jeffrey’s Street and Prowse Place) and or in quiet residential streets to the south of Camden Road (Georgiana Street and Lyme Street) or in Pratt Street which houses a local school.

The proposals were the subject of an online consultation and almost every local resident objected to the proposals as did cycling organisations, the ward councillors, our Member of Parliament Sir Keir Starmer and the Greater London Assembly Member for Barnet and Camden, Andrew Dismore.

In spite of this massive local opposition to the proposal, TfL have seen fit to go ahead with the proposal and are now consulting on the traffic order to give effect to that decision.

On this occasion TfL did not give residents and other stakeholders the opportunity to comment online; they were only offered the opportunity to post their responses to a notice in the press.

This, plus the fact that TfL have chosen to ignore local opinion, and indeed all the available evidence, casts doubt on the nature of the consultation. It is almost as though TfL had already made up their minds on this issue and all consultation has just been a box-ticking exercise.

If they’re not willing to listen to residents, councillors, the GLA Assembly Member and a distinguished MP just who does TfL listen to and to whom are they accountable?

Labour, Camden Town with Primrose Hill ward


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