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Thank-yous for the delivery of the Highbury Corner project

04 October, 2019

• AFTER about 15 years of community meetings, junction reviews and the last four painful years of construction, Highbury Corner is finally transformed.

The discussions about which arm of the roundabout to close went on for years. Personally I’d have gone for a return to the original layout with a T-junction at Highbury Corner.

But once the council and Transport for London decided on a plan, I worked with residents to reduce the inconvenience of the roadworks and I have fed back concerns as they’ve arisen.

I get most contact about the junction with St Paul’s Road where drivers get stuck in the extensive space between the vehicle stop line and the pedestrian crossing, moving forward dangerously unaware that people have a green light to cross on foot. I am talking to TfL urgently to find a solution to this problem.

The other major worry is new queueing traffic on St Paul’s Road and on Canonbury Road. People are understandably concerned about increased air pollution.

I have been assured that SCOOT (clever traffic signals) will, over time, fix the queues. The current situation is clearly unacceptable, and I will continue to push TfL to find a solution.

The aim of the scheme was to reduce road danger and enable children to walk and cycle to school and for people of all generations to get around safely and conveniently.

I’m glad that the busy crossing to the station by Barclays Bank gives so much priority to pedestrians. There are high flows of people wanting to cross there and the wait-time for a pedestrian green signal is now, rightly brief.

I’m also glad that it is now possible to cycle all round the junction, fully protected from the heavy traffic that still blights Highbury Corner.

And the experience of accessing the tube station from Upper Street is massively improved compared with the previously cramped pavements.

I know there are things that still need attention but the council and TfL officers who have worked so hard to deliver this need a big thank you; as do the many community activists and groups who have engaged with this project over the 15 years since it was mooted.

A special mention should go to Martin Jones of the Highbury Fields Association and Islington Living Streets and Islington Cyclists who have been attending meetings and giving feedback for a decade and a half.

Green Party, Highbury East ward


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