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Thanks for all your help

08 November, 2019

• I THANK the many folk who assisted, and who stopped to offer help, when I was on the pavement in Parkhurst Road on Sunday November 3.

A gentleman on a mobility scooter called for an ambulance and, I am told, was trying to rouse me but I had no knowledge of this. A young lady was also helping.

I had been walking along and then found the pavement under my face, and some blood. I had no sensation of falling. Trying to get up, I discovered that (at a mere 71) I was too weak to do so!

The gentleman continued relaying information to the London Ambulance Service, who advised that I should remain prostrate, so all the kind people who offered to pick me up were advised not to.

One gentleman placed his umbrella over me, went home and returned with another to wave down the ambulance!

Thank you to the lovely paramedics (ladies) who checked me over and took me to Whittington Hospital A&E; and to the staff, who I cannot fault.

My cuts were glued and my head scanned and I was able to go home. There are still many considerate and concerned people around.



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