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The 700,000 who marched did so against democracy

25 October, 2018

• IT was amazing to see 700,000 people march against democracy, while over 65 million voted in favour of the democratic vote with their feet and stayed away. The public voted for Brexit. The politicians are meant to deliver the decision, not discuss it or moan or manipulate it, which both Conservatives and Labour are doing.

Who are the real masters of the politicians? Should the demonstrators be so concerned about their futures, then they should have been screaming for an end to austerity, whereby ordinary people have to pay to protect the unborn rich of the future.

I suggest YouTube, Money as Debt, 2009, full movie, a great insight to the modern-day rip-off, where you’re born into the debts of others and expected to spend your life paying them off. This Brexit lark is about the “unification of debts” of many countries.

Amwell Street, EC1


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