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The Biggest SEO Conference In 2020

24 February, 2020

In 2020 Conferences are imperative to our development.

They’re not just a great way to learn up-to-date knowledge by industry-leading experts, but they’re a place to network and meet your industry heroes.

In fact, conferences are perhaps the most powerful way of refining your own idea in the space of an afternoon.

Keeping up to date on the latest research and industry-relevant news is also a key part of conferences, and it’s why everyone has a part to play in them — both speakers and audience members.

BrightonSEO Conference 2020
One of the largest SEO conferences in 2020 is being held by BrightonSEO. In fact, this is a bi-yearly event, though it’s happening on two consecutive days.

With tickets still on sale, the 17th and 18th of April will be two days of non-stop SEO talk.
BrightonSEO is as a conversation in the pub, filling the need of getting together a few different people who work in SEO together and meet up.

The company may have grown exponentially since then, but the idea remains the same.

The most notable part of the BrightonSEO conference, apart from the large and inquisitive crowd, is the lineup of speakers.

Talks are given by CEOs, tool managers, broadsheet journalists and even Google themselves.

These talks cover literally every corner of SEO, from content and link building to demand analysis and maintaining sanity when working in the industry.

Many will find the most valuable talks from the tool managers that are appearing. Using such integral tools for your company’s SEO builds a reliance on them, but it also manifests in a ton of questions.

This will be your chance to ask those tool managers directly and clear things up once and for all.

Leolytics For example, personnel from LEOlytics will be present. is a digital marketing tool that allows you to access over 4000 international media outlets.

This tool lets companies create content marketing campaigns with much of the time taken off their hands.

As we’re all aware, finding media and negotiating with them for publication, bank links and so on can be extremely draining and a bit of a time sink, which is why such agencies with many media connections are so successful.

Industry experts and training workshops At conferences like the above, you also get in-depth talks from those who have succeeded in the industry, not just sideline commentators or academics.

This is important because industry experts have seen it all. They’ve tried and tested out both their theoretical knowledge and their previous experience, seeing what is actually effective and what isn’t.

Not only this, but such conferences can be a huge source of inspiration.

It’s very motivating to hear about successful (and unsuccessful) experiences.
In fact, these are usually better motivational speakers than… Motivational speakers.

Arguably the best part of this event though is the training workshops.

There are a bunch of different SEO-related courses on the 16th/17th that generally run from 09:30am to 16:00pm.

A couple of examples paint a picture: Advanced Content Creation Training, Amazon SEO & Marketing, Copywriting for SEO, Digital PR for Link Building — there are 30 in total to choose from.


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