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The BLT is safe, but what about the mature cheddar and Branston?

31 August, 2018

• RICHARD Rosser thunders that “People’s lives are at stake” if we leave the EU (Letters, August 24).

Why is it that the pro-EU lobby is unable to see beyond our own coastline? Is he not aware that people’s lives are already at risk and have been for over a decade, but these unfortunate people are our neighbours in Europe?

In Greece, the economy has shrunk by 33 per cent more than the US economy shrank during the Great Depression. Sadly, there is no FDR at the Commission and no Erhard at the ECB.

Joseph Stiglitz has identified the euro as an existential threat; hardly surprising since it was never intended to function as a currency but as a device to reduce the countries adopting it into subservience.

Stephen Horne has again resorted to intemperate language, although it is a nice touch trading canine metaphors with Jacob Rees-Mogg. I am not concerned that I might be among the people he is referring to, but if he is can he let me know if I am one of the “flies” or an “English idiot” or both?

Now, more of the substantive issues have been revealed. The EU owns the copyright to the pervy pictures on fag packets so we will have to return to proper packaging. Sweet Afton was always a favourite of mine and celebrates its centenary next year.

We are warned that credit cards might cost more to use in the EU. Strange that people already use credit cards all over the world without delay, hindrance or cost. In any event in those tourist areas devastated by the euro, which is most of them, they prefer cash.

Some might be reassured that the BLT is safe, but this causes me concern because no mention is made of the mature cheddar and Branston, with white bread.

The misstep Mrs May took was in not appointing Chris Grayling as secretary of state for exiting the European Union. He would have subbed it out to G4S and we’d be well on our way by now.

Levity aside, the difficulties identified are technical not philosophical. They are exactly the things that civil servants are employed to deal with. It makes you ask what they have been doing.

Mildmay Grove North, N1


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