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The borough finds unusual ways of getting things done

12 July, 2019

• THERE is something about Islington that gets things done, and gets things done in unusual ways; in politics especially.

We are represented in parliament by people with high national profiles and influential roles, but not thank goodness for purring like cats.

There was the Granita dinner which paved the way for a 20-year relationship between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, which neither will forget in a hurry.

And, of course, in these days post Pride, who can forget the occasion of Bob Crossman’s trail-blazing civil partnership when the mayor’s parlour was full to the gunnels of very drunk Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence?

This weekend another significant LGBTIQ milestone was passed and one that owes its genesis to Islington. On Saturday Pride in London declared climate emergency. It took them three days.

The day following a colourfully congratulatory ceremony on the Town Hall steps at which the council declared its own climate emergency the first ever meeting of queer members of Extinction Rebellion took place.

It took place in Bunhill ward, known to many as the home of dissent for several centuries. The great dissenters, Daniel Defoe, William Blake, the Wesleys, would have recognised the spirit, alive and well in Islington.

In Islington we understand that you get nowhere asking nicely. Here we just make it happen.



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