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‘Cally is a lesser place for his passing’: Moving tributes to loved pharmacy worker Emmanuel Polius

Balloons tribute to Emmanuel, popular pharmacy worker who died suddenly at the age of 55

06 April, 2018

Last Friday’s balloons vigil outside Clockwork Pharmacy in Caledonian Road, held in memory of Emmanuel Polius

A DEDICATED pharmacy worker in Caledonian Road has been remembered as an “extremely likeable” and “positive” man after he died last month.

Emmanuel Polius, a father-of-three, had worked in the Clockwork Pharmacy since 1991, serving and advising thousands of customers.

The Manor House resident, who was born and raised in Hackney, passed away suddenly last month, aged 55.

Dozens of people, including his friends and family, gathered to release balloons and light candles at a vigil in his memory outside the shop on Good Friday.

His colleague Billy Patel said: “We’ve been good friends for more than 20 years.

“He was an extremely likeable guy and he had a good word about everyone. Whenever you were upset he’d try and cheer you up.

Emmanuel Polius

“The children who came into the shop said he looked like Mr T from the A-Team as he had the gold chains around his neck.

“He was extremely good with customers, he’d always try and remember their first names and treat them in a courteous manner.”

Mr Patel, a pharmacist for the Clockwork chain, said staff and customers are “absolutely devastated” by his death.

The branch, on the corner of Story Street, has been inundated with bouquets of flowers and sympathy cards which are lining the tops of shelves in remembrance.

Rosemarie Clarke, Mr Polius’s close friend and ex-partner, said he was “amazing”.

“He was still close to my parents,” he said. “He taught us how to love and how to hug and embrace each other.

“Someone was right when they said he was married to everyone on the Cally. He was so nice to every single person and so happy.”

Urmit Tekin, owner of Kigi Cafe across the road, said Mr Polius’s death was a “big shame” for Caledonian Road.

“He was a community man and he was very positive,” Mr Tekin said.

Dozens of flowers and cards in Clockwork Pharmacy

“He’d come to the café in the morning and at lunch. He’d sit outside with his coffee and he would be saying hello to people passing by. The public loved him.”

Paul Convery, a local councillor of 12 years in Caledonian ward, said: “He was a joy, he was a lovely guy. He had a huge personality and he was a very distinctive-looking guy.

“His death is a terrible shock. It’s a loss. Cally is very resilient but it’s characters like Emmanuel that make the place. The Cally is a lesser place for his passing.”

Arrangements for Mr Polius’s funeral are to be made in due course.

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