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The climate emergency declaration is not worth the paper it’s printed on

12 February, 2021

An Extinction Rebellion campaigner who took to the trees at Dixon Clark Court, near Highbury Corner, during the campaign to try and save ‘the little forest’

• SO Islington Council have won their fight to destroy seven mature trees at Dixon Clark Court, and build over a beautiful communal garden, beloved by the estate’s residents.

Bravo! Along the way they have sneered, smeared, and bullied those heroic souls who have protected this precious green space with their bodies.

They have also successfully stamped on any dissent within their own ranks, while trying to silence any discussion with residents about alternative ways to meet the two essential needs of housing and green space.

Despite all their talk about climate change and the environment, their actions, time and again, demonstrate that they simply do not understand that mature trees and green space are not niceties but essential for a habitable city.

Their tedious insistence they are “planting more trees”, when we know a handful of twiglet-sized saplings, many of which will die soon after planting, can never compensate for the loss of mature trees, is proof of this.

At least they have made one thing clear. Their declaration of a climate and ecological emergency (in June 2019) is not worth the paper it’s written on.



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