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The council reaffirms its opposition to a no-deal Brexit

04 October, 2019

• THE Tory government is letting local people, and the country, down with its chaotic handling of Brexit.

Shockingly the prime minister is threatening to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union without a deal on October 31.

It is clear that a Tory no-deal would be a disaster and Islington Labour is united in our determination to stopping no-deal and to ensuring the people have the final say.

Islington Council is doing all that it can to prepare for every Brexit eventuality, to make sure local people are protected as far as we can.

However the lack of certainty from the government means that there are very real concerns about incredibly important issues, such as disruption to fuel and medicine supplies, higher prices for food and the potential for a rise in incidents of hate crime.

Last week the council came together to reaffirm our opposition to a Tory no-deal Brexit, with Islington Labour’s calls for it to be ruled out by the government receiving cross-party support.

I also welcome the clear condemnation councillors issued of the prime minister’s poisonous and deeply irresponsible rhetoric in recent weeks.

As elected representatives, we have a duty to conduct debate in a civil and respectful manner, recognising that words have consequences.

As I said at full council last week, after the Finsbury Park terrorist attack in 2017 in Islington we sadly know all too well what the consequences of hateful speech can be.

I implore the prime minister to not only do what is right for Islington and the country, by abandoning his plans for a no-deal Brexit, but to think carefully about the impact his divisive language could have.

Leader, Islington Council


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