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We have a slow, silent, invisible, killer in our midst

18 February, 2021

Dominance of the car is no solution

• THE campaign for clean air, of which LTNs, low traffic neighbourhoods, are a part, should be seen in the same light as the campaign for clean water in the 19th century.

No one now questions the wisdom of that. Why, then, do people now question the need for clean air?

We have a slow, silent, invisible, killer in our midst with far worse long-term consequences for society than even the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Not all car journeys are essential. It behoves everyone (and I am a driver) to consider whether their car journey could be done at a less busy time, or, indeed, whether there was an alternative way to make the trip.

Only a reduction in the volume of car journeys will alleviate congestion and help those who live on main roads.

It is good that the advent of LTNs is prompting this debate. Let’s hope that we reach an enlightened solution, which surely cannot be that we revert to acting as before, with cars dominating every street in the borough.

Highbury Hill, N5


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