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The idea that retail outlets will suffer under Quietway 10 is already disputed

27 July, 2018

Councillor Caroline Russell, third left, and Tabitha Tanqueray, second right, with cyclists campaigning for less traffic on the planned Quietway 10

• DELIGHTED to hear that new ward councillor Roulin Khondoker supports the trialling of modal filtering along proposed Quietway 10 (QW10), (Cyclists call for traffic curbs on new Quietway, July 13).

So let’s get on with it. All that’s needed is a formal decision by the council to support an experimental traffic order (ETO).

Executive member for transport and environment Councillor Claudia Webbe “sees the need to close certain roads to prevent through traffic and rat-running” along QW10, so she can surely have no objections. The trial would be a “live” consultation. Having agreed to an ETO, Cllr Webbe could delegate its implementation to a senior officer.

Drawn up with input from interested parties, particularly residents along and adjacent to the Clerkenwell-Finsbury Park route, as a highways engineer confirms: “Once an ETO has come into force, there is a statutory six-month period within which anyone may object [in writing] – there will be a test of reasonableness”.

A decision to make the scheme permanent must be taken within 18 months of the order being introduced. A participatory ETO should help alleviate some, at least, of the fears of Amwell Society members by creating an evidence base against which their concerns can be assessed.

The idea that retail outlets will suffer under QW10 is already disputed by the one shop-owner to whom I’ve spoken – he wasn’t consulted by the society, believes his business would benefit from the route and refutes the claim of cyclists travelling at “breakneck speed”.

As for those “who live and work in the area having their needs factored in” – it’s interesting to see that residents of Lloyd Baker Street and square east of Amwell Street, some of whom may be members of the society, already benefit from traffic-filtering.

Quietways are, rightly, widely criticised for failing to live up to the claims made for them as safe active-travel cycle and pedestrian routes. An ETO is an opportunity for Islington to give a lead – QW10 could become the exception and template for other boroughs, closed to all but local vehicular traffic.

Ellington Street, N7


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