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The law is right, drivers can use hands-free phones

16 June, 2017

• IN a very sensible letter, JE Kirby correctly emphasised that all road users have a responsibility to obey the rules and be aware of other road users at all times (We can’t just blame drivers, road safety is everyone’s responsibility, June 9).

But I would question the suggestion that anyone using a mobile phone, hand-held or hands-free, should be instantly fined and banned from driving, on conviction.

Unlike a held device, hands-free is no different from having a conversation with someone in the passenger seat.

The driver still has the responsibility to drive safely regardless and, I suggest, that when one encounters a tricky situation on the road, the driver would instinctively cease to talk to/listen to the caller on the phone, in the same way he/she would cease to talk to or listen to a passenger in the car.

For this reason, I believe the law as it stands is right, particularly as it states that a hands-free device can be used, provided the driver is in full control of the vehicle at all times.

Oakley Road, N1


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