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The leavers have given us 40 years of misrepresentation and lies

01 November, 2018

• I WAS one of the 700,000 who Michael McElligott tells us “marched against democracy”, (Letters, October 25).

The marchers, of course, want Brexit cancelled but asked only that the final Brexit deal be voted on in a referendum. Sounds democratic to me.

Leavers are nervous of such a referendum because the last two years have shown that their facile claims that Brexit would be easy were untrue, making it less likely Leave would win it.

Therefore they cling to the sanctity of the 2016 result because it is the only reason left to continue with Brexit now that it has become clear that the consequences of Brexit will be either bad or very bad.

Leavers have not always had such respect for the will of the people. Remain won in 1975 by 67 to 33 per cent. The leavers’ response was 40 years of misrepresentation and downright lies until they got the result they wanted.

To them a referendum lost is provisional but one that is won is set in stone.



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