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The linkage of Black Lives Matter to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is a canard

02 July, 2020

• AS a former trade union official and Labour MP, long time Zionist and as the director of the Israel Britain Alliance, I’ve been trying to fathom what motivated Michael Kalmanovitz and Max Geller to pen their letter, (Palestinian lives matter, June 24).

The linkage of Black Lives Matter (BLM) to the Israel/Palestinian conflict is a canard. Zionism is about Jewish nationalism and BLM is about people fighting for equality in nations where that freedom is already meant to exist. Moreover, it’s the attempt to make that linkage that upsets people.

Let me debunk some of the other Geller/ Kalmanovitz analysis: the Jewish National Fund buys land, Israel has a right to select its own ambassadors, Palestinian land does not exist because Palestinian nee Arab leaders have refused the offer of a state since 1937 (Peel Commission), the Board of Deputies’ 10 pledges are not an anathema to any sober person and the suggestion that Israel is an apartheid state is arrant nonsense.

Also, criticising Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer for attempting to tackle anti-Semitism illustrates the depths that Geller and Kalmanovitz are prepared to plumb to sell their extremist agenda.

I can think of nothing more reprehensible and oxymoronic than attempting to hitch the oldest hatred to a noble cause.

Director, Israel Britain Alliance


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