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The market is important, remember the old and infirm can struggle to shop

04 October, 2019

There are calls for pedestrianisation in Liverpool Road

• AS a lifelong resident of Islington, 78, and, having read Joseph Kaz’s letter (Chapel Market is no longer the destination it was… August 16), I am most concerned.

With his observations and photographing he appears not to have noticed the considerable number of elderly and infirm residents struggling to shop – residents who would mostly be Islingtonians, born and bred, and choose to remain in a borough that has one of the best reputations of taking care of its elderly citizens in the country.

For a large number of these residents, going to Chapel Market is their only escape from the loneliness of being trapped indoors all day. Apart from shopping they can meet and chat with old friends who are in a similar situation.

Mainly, their only means of going to and fro is by taxi because walking even a shortish distance of a couple of hundred metres to a bus stop is beyond them. Does Mr Kaz suggest that, since they have difficulty in walking, they purchase a bike in order to shop?

With reference to his assertion that “private motor vehicles are no longer the dominant form of transport…” I would suggest either a visit to Specsavers or, if he can spare the time, he stands at the Angel junction for a day and counts the number of passing motor vehicles as opposed to the number of passing bikes.

No doubt Cllr Claudia Webbe will be considering options for changes that will favour all residents. Mr Kaz, just stand around the area and see how many are using their bikes to do their shopping. You will notice thousands of mums with kids, prams, etc, hundreds with their shopping trolleys etc and very few cyclists.

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