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The new Routemaster alone is evidence of Boris Johnson’s folly

30 August, 2019

• NOW that the hot weather has returned, we have absolutely no excuse for harbouring any illusions about our new (though unelected) prime minister.

An example of his folly can be seen on our streets every day – the new Routemaster. It looks the part all right, like a good old traditional bus, but in action it is absolutely hopeless. And when the weather warms up, it should really not be on the road, it is so stiflingly hot.

In an interview earlier this summer, Boris Johnson revealed that he likes to relax by making models of buses. If only he confined himself to that!

As it is, my fear is that it is going to be harder to rid ourselves of those massively expensive vanity project mobile saunas than it’s going to be to replace Johnson with a serious politician to be our prime minister.



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