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The night that Corbyn almost freaked out the rich

16 June, 2017

• THE Media laughed and they lied,
A gallant warrior for his cause,
The man did not stop to pause. 

Coconut water and he is away,
Pitched like a champ every day,
Travelled to every city and town,
Carried hope and never a frown. 

He had a poem and a song,
So where did it all go wrong?
As I am not having fun,
It should have been a home run. 

A manifesto for the average Joe,
Yet Labour numbers fall below.
In politics marketing is the game,
Observe it is no place for the lame.

Perhaps some let him down,
On TV presented as a clown?
Know your manifesto before you shout,
Or confidence dies and the public pout. 

So the gallant warrior for his cause,
He deserves a round of applause,
He has saved the socialist pitch,
Corbyn almost freaked out all the rich.

Amwell Street, EC1


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