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The Tories have dismissed the political consensus

05 October, 2018

• WHEN considering the continued dilemma over Brexit, we should remember the enormous volume of people who voted to leave the European Union as a consequence of mendacious falsehoods.

They were misled shamefully at every turn, to the detriment of future prosperity. That’s why the public must have a vote on the final deal.

The Labour leadership has rejected the moderate traditions of social democracy and the welfare state, obsessed as it is with an almost monomaniacal desire for conventional socialism, experienced in Europe under bureaucratic plenipotentiaries.

I always adhered to democratic populism, a liberal, capitalist regime of regulated financial markets, not the monolithic economic and industrial systems proposed.

The Tories have dismissed the political consensus. Their monetarist austerity is seriously undermining prosperity, while their ineffective and chaotic Brexit negotiations threaten either underclass status in relation to Europe or ejection without a deal, rendering us subject to the vicissitudes of international trade.

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