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Tearing up the main roads does not help

18 February, 2021

Highbury Corner

• SM Archer (LTN measures have shifted the pollution problem, February 12) is quite right about traffic not going away and being forced on to the main roads.

What also does not help matters is the continual tearing up of main roads.

For instance, for weeks on end there were temporary traffic lights at the junction of Blackstock Road where it meets Ambler and Somerfield roads. This went on for weeks with alternate temporary traffic lights.

A bit further along outside the church at Highbury Barn there were roadworks on that side of the road moving along from New Year’s Eve for approximately one month; then at the same time somebody else decided to dig the road up on the opposite side to do fibre-optic cabling.

For some reason this stretch of road between its junction with Highbury Grove and Grosvenor Avenue is always being dug up at roughly monthly intervals.

Another place is Grosvenor Avenue itself that seems to have a regular dig at the same spot, again with temporary traffic lights.

Essex Road at the junction with Canonbury Road outside Essex Road station seems to get dug up on an annual basis. For what? Gas, electricity, water works?

Here in Stoke Newington, for instance, in Church Street we had roadworks covering half the road width at the junction of Church Street and Defoe Road for a couple of weeks or so; and no sooner than that hole was filled in another hole about 10 feet further to the junction with Defoe Road was dug – again for a couple of weeks – this time by Cadent.

Now we have Siemens doing works at the bottom of the road, adjacent to its junction with the High Street, first one side and now the opposite side.

To cap that we also have a dig, also by Cadent, in Brooke Road, outside the old post office, closing that road and causing diversions.

Yes, these roadworks may well need to be done. But why is it seemingly impossible to get these done with any sense of urgency?

Too often you see the hole in the road and it appears to be abandoned; or if there is anybody there they are sitting in a van doing diddly squat.

We also had five days of diversions in Albion Road due to carriageway resurfacing at its junction with Church Street. This was done within the time, but buses were diverted because of it.

Then Cadent decided to dig up half of the road width in Green Lanes almost at its junction with Newington Green. Why all of a sudden do we have to have all of these roadworks going on?

Yes I know some of them are necessary due to broken water, gas, sewers, etc but for goodness sake why can’t they get them done pronto? This causes no end of traffic snarl-ups.

Don’t even get me going about the continued chaos at Highbury Corner.

Working in the Marie Curie shop, when it is not closed, of course, because of Covid-19 lockdown, all you hear is impatient drivers’ hooters blaring away all the time.

Not only that but the tailbacks can be seen in all directions caused by the rearrangement of the roads round here. I hate to think what it will be like when the development at Dixon Clark Court starts.

Clissold Crescent, N16


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