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The truth is that Brexiteers are in denial

02 March, 2018

• DANIEL Powell’s and Stephen Southam’s defence of Brexit cuts no ice (It’s time to put aside the divisive bickering, and accept that Brexit is inevitable, and Europe, and a right-or-wrong issue, February 16).

Mr Powell is right that right-wingers and extreme leftists dislike the EU. For them the EU is a socialist conspiracy and a capitalist plot. The truth is therefore in between: the EU is progressive but non-ideological.

Progressive ideas, such as equal pay for equal work, were burnt into the EU’s DNA when it was formed in 1957, long before the Dagenham machinists mentioned by Mr Powell got into action and long before the Labour Party did anything about it. In the UK progressive ideas come and go depending on who won the last general election.

For Mr Southam, there is no pretence that Brexit is good for the UK. The “thickos” (his word, not mine) won the EU referendum and that’s that. But we all know how the majority in the referendum was obtained: by misrepresenting the facts on an industrial scale. And we all know that what we’re heading for is not what we were told before the referendum.

The truth is that Brexiteers are in denial. They have to snap out of it. I invite Mr Powell and Mr Southam to join me in Highgate Cemetery for the burial of Brexit. It’s time.

Ellington Street, N7


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