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The wrong choices have been made with Covid-19

11 February, 2021

Boris Johnson and this government has put us through months of misery

• IT seems to have escaped the attention of both the government and Sage that viral mutations occur from the uncontrolled spread of a virus.

Covid-19 has spread in this country for over a year, resulting in our own homespun Kent mutation, and we now face the South African and Brazilian versions, all incurred by a lack of initial control in the relevant countries.

Boris Johnson has been told endlessly that track, trace, and isolate, is the only way to attack this virus but this government would rather spend billions on a vaccine instead of closing the borders and paying a small fraction of society to isolate properly; and has therefore put us through months of misery.

I am encouraged to see that some councils are taking it upon themselves to deal properly with isolating Covid-19 cases. Not before time.

We now hear the current vaccines may not work effectively against the new variants. And that the Oxford- AstraZeneca vaccine may not act effectively against minimal infection but will against severe infection.

Where does this make any sense and what exactly, therefore, are Sage et al telling or not telling us?

In addition the media are now in a frenzy talking about a vaccine passport which would discriminate in various ways against non-vaccinated people and, indeed, some employers are already taking legal advice as to whether they would be able to refuse to employ or sack people who are not vaccinated.

All this when we have no clear idea as to whether these vaccines would stop vaccinated people from transmitting the disease and, if they do, for how long.

The government speaks endlessly of “learning lessons” about the pandemic. Well the lessons were there to be learned a year ago from places such as South Korea, Australia etc. To insist that in some way the UK is different from these countries is just nonsense.

A pandemic is a pandemic and the only difference is brought about by error of choice; and the wrong choices have certainly been made here and continue to be made to the general detriment of the population.



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