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There are still questions to be asked on people-friendly streets

11 September, 2020

Unanswered questions surrounding people-friendly streets 

• THERE are important unanswered questions surrounding Islington Council’s traffic plans.

1. The title – People Friendly Streets is rigged in advance against opposition. It is a loaded question; who can possibly be against “people-friendly streets”?

But streets in a great city are also about communication, commerce and community. The Canonbury project disregards these realities.

2. The process is being run by “Commonplace”. They sound like a PR firm. Are they? What are their terms of reference? How much is the council paying them?

3. Has the council done an economic study of the impact of the road closures on the Canonbury Place shops and pub? If not, why not? These are an essential part of the Canonbury community and should not be put at risk.

4. None of this feels like local democracy, more like ideological imposition.

Canonbury Place, N1


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