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There’s no left-wing case for Brexit, it’s a right-wing thing

09 February, 2018

• DANIEL Powell states that there is a strong and overlooked leftist case for Brexit (Overlooked left-wing case for leaving a destructive single market, February 2).

Daniel’s main point is that the EU single market has led to “wage disparities and other destructive effects”. This appears to have intuitive appeal: Europe is all about markets and benefiting capitalists to the detriment of workers.

By exiting Europe, these markets will be weakened (true) and workers will automatically benefit from reduced pay differences (really, how does that work?).

This is not actually a left-wing argument: it is a right-winger’s parody of a left-wing argument. Daniel really needs to meet more left-wing people. There are loads of them in Islington, so it shouldn’t be difficult.

Regarding wage disparates, he should look at EU legislation. This includes the Equal Pay Directive, Part-time Work Directive, Fixed Term Work Directive, Temporary Agency Workers Directive and the Capital Requirements Directive (that sets a cap on bankers’ bonuses).

These directives set out the common minimum standards that countries may choose to build on (indeed the UK does in some areas, such as parental leave). It’s dull, but explains why Brexit is essentially a right-wing thing.



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