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These attacks affect us all, disabled and non-disabled

27 July, 2018

• MANY non-disabled people do not yet realise how severe this Tory government’s attacks on disabled people are, (Challenge disability bias, July 20).

I was promised disability living allowance (DLA) “in perpetuity” as there are no cures for my conditions. Yet the government is cutting all DLAs.

Interviews are conducted by a private company, which has set targets to meet. Many disabled friends have already had their DLA cut, despite the continuance of their serious and long-standing conditions.

Another recent cut has been publicised by the Tribune – the Royal Free’s refusal to continue free transport to medical appointments, (Pensioners left to pay for their own taxis to reach hospital, June 22).

But many other aspects of our lives are being worsened. Eighteen months ago, Southern Rail announced disabled passengers could no longer receive assistance to get on/off trains at 33 stations. I’ve been campaigning with RMT rail union and disabled groups against this cruel blow.

As rail privateers see this as a smart way to cut costs and increase profits, the dispute has spread to five other rail regions. Disabled people are working together to try to stop these attacks.

We often find that discrimination against us enables the targeting of non-disabled people too. The RMT’s campaign to keep train guards would ensure the safety of disabled and non-disabled passengers.

But few mainstream newspapers display the Tribune’s interest in the discrimination against us. It’s also my experience that only the Labour Party has shown any practical commitment to supporting campaigns disabled people are waging.

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