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These mature trees are important, let’s keep them

03 July, 2020

• THESE are the trees our council wants to cut down.

Following the many letters about the proposed felling of the “little forest” outside Dixon Clark Court, the picture above shows mature trees in their full summer glory, underlining the enormity of what Islington is proposing to do, despite the many voices raised against it.

During lockdown I think that a huge number of people around the country have become more aware of nature and its value not only to us as humans but in its own right.

Now that things are gradually easing back to “normal”, let us hope that it will no longer be considered normal to cut down a stand of seven mature trees that have taken 50 years to grow.

Let us also hope the “new normal” can include more creative imagination and co-operation between council and residents, rather than attitude of ploughing ahead with this “enabling” construction of private homes.

We are also seeing a countrywide “building bonanza” under the slogan “we need homes” but, as has been pointed out, the number of empty homes in the borough rose in the period 2018-19 by 21 per cent to 750.

An article in Citymetric (The New Statesman) of March 14, 2019 showed that London-wide empty homes had increased by 11 per cent to 22,481.

There is an argument that the housing shortage is not due to a lack of houses but to an excess of property speculation.



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