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These shops need not fear people-friendly streets scheme

18 December, 2020

The Keep Highbury Moving group share concerns about road closures

• YOU report objections to the Highbury West PFS, people-friendly streets, scheme by Sarah Georgiou of Mrs Lovell’s Greengrocers and James Godfreys of Godfreys butcher shop, (‘Use tech to Keep Highbury Moving’, December 11).

As an occasional, but invariably satisfied, customer of both I am happy to say that I believe their fears are unjustified.

Ms Georgiou worries that customers will be put off by being unable to park “around the corner” and Mr Godfreys that his suppliers will take longer to reach him. Both shops are on the west side of Highbury Park at Highbury Barn.

The streets on that side that could be considered as “around the corner” viz Highbury Hill, Leigh Road, Roseleigh Avenue and Hamilton Park are unaffected by the scheme except that there is to be a camera-enforced traffic filter at the junction of Highbury Hill and Martineau Road which is hardly “around the corner”.

All these streets have for many years been subject to residents-only parking from 10am to 2pm on weekdays and additional restrictions on match days even if they fall on weekends or bank holidays.

The streets on the east side of Highbury Park which are “around the corner”, Kelvin Road and Highbury Grange, are outside the scheme but subject to weekday parking restrictions from 8.30am to 6.30pm and additional restrictions on match days.

The only way I can see an impact on Mr Godfrey’s deliveries would be if his suppliers arrive via Drayton Park, Martineau Road, and Highbury Hill.

Neither shop has access at the rear and deliveries can only be made by parking the van on Highbury Park outside each shop.

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