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They even want to axe our estate’s pear tree

18 February, 2021

The 60-year-old plus pear tree on the Highbury Quadrant Estate

• HAVE you disposed of your grandma yet because she is near end of life?

It is heartbreaking to read all the tales of residents trying their best to save the much-loved and needed trees and this Labour council bulldozing their way through anyway.

I can’t believe that in 2021 we are still even considering that it is an option to cut down mature trees for construction work on the basis that the trees are close to their end of life.

So might be your grandparents, but would you dispose of them?

Sadly also Highbury Quadrant Estate has its own case. They want to axe our 60-year-old plus pear tree.

It’s much beloved by residents and featured in the film “Views from a pear tree

In this case, the tree is held responsible for causing severe structural damage by drying out the ground; but when they dug a test hole they found standing water under our block. No sense, no logic.

Yet when residents point out these inconsistencies, the council’s reply is that they will move ahead regardless.

So much about the truth when Cllr Diarmaid Ward claims they’re “listening and get into dialogue with residents”.

How can we make them listen? It looks like the only way is to vote them out at the local elections May 6.

Green Party Cllr Caroline Russell has been the sole opposition holding this North Korean-style council to account in the last years; and she has been brilliant in making a difference to the ward she represents.

Highbury Quadrant, N5


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