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Think again on the ‘transport strategy’

04 October, 2019

• ISLINGTON’S consultation about its transport strategy is very badly thought out.

It is very easy for the council saying that they want to be “green” and stop pollution, but the plans are not the way forward.

Pedestrianising main streets and making them cycle and public transport only, is ridiculous. Have Islington not realised that the future of cars is electric? No pollution there.

Residents do need to use cars for various reasons, be it for getting to work where there is no public transport, or even cabs to go to hospital appointments; or disabled people who have mobility cars; or families with children.

And how will emergency vehicles get through? No mention of these in the proposals. Businesses will suffer if they cannot get deliveries or customers. And Archway is a prime example of this.

Transport for London have changed the majority of bus routes where many now stop short of their destination and some no longer cover routes. The buses in Islington are constantly packed.

Look at the chaos of Oxford Street where it is buses only that are tip to tail because there are so many. A bus journey from Tottenham Court Road station to Warren Street used to take 10 minutes, but since plans similar to this proposal were introduced there, it now takes up to 30.

Before even considering spending horrendous amounts on this, I suggest spending the money repairing every pavement and road in Islington. You say you never have the money for this.

And as for consultations… look at the times when the drop-in ones were taking place – during the day when many are at work.

Finally you are spending money, yet again, on cyclists – cyclists who pay nothing whatsoever to use the roads – how about making cycling helmets compulsory?

Yet through our council tax we are all subsidising them. And how much is all of this costing please?



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