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‘This has crushed me’: disabled woman’s bag snatched in street

Passers-by raced to help 72-year-old wheelchair user who was mugged on her way home from post office

03 July, 2020 — By Sam Ferguson

Angela Dobson says she is scared to go out after her bag was snatched from around her neck

A DISABLED pensioner has been left too scared to go outside her own front door after her bag was snatched from around her neck just yards from her home.

Angela Dobson, 72, who has cerebral palsy and has been a wheelchair user all her life, was on her way back from the post office to her Caledonian Road home last Thursday when the attack happened.

Passers-by rushed to help as the male suspect grabbed her bag, before making off towards the Stock Orchard Estate. Inside Ms Dobson’s bag was more than £200 in cash she had just withdrawn, along with her phone, her keys and the fob to her home, leaving her unable to get in and out.

“But I don’t want to go outside anyway,” she told the Tribune. “I just can’t face it at the moment. This has crushed me.”

Ms Dobson said police had already dropped the case due to a lack of CCTV.

“I’ve lived here since 1986 and I’ve never felt unsafe,” she added.

“And now I feel like I can’t leave my own home.

“Luckily some people saw what was happening and called the police. Another woman who helped me wrote me a lovely card and popped it through the door.

“Two men who saw the whole thing gave descriptions but the police have now dropped the case since there was no CCTV.

“I don’t know why the council haven’t got CCTV on that estate.”

The council said it would continue to review how it can improve CCTV coverage.

Ms Dobson added that if anyone knows who was responsible they should call the police immediately.

“I’d like to get my things back, and I’d like to know that this won’t happen again,” she said.


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