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This monolithic block will tower over its neighbours

07 June, 2019

Crouch Hill Railway Station

• IT is regrettable that your journalist did not consult local residents before writing the piece on the proposed redevelopment of the buildings at Crouch Hill Railway Station (New Life for Victorian station house? May 31).

Instead, she seems to have spoken to only one person – the architect who, not surprisingly, talks of a “sensitive refurbish­ment”. We, as residents, beg to differ.

The developers are an offshore company seeking to maximise profit by what we consider to be the overdevelopment of an existing building and a backland garden site.

The Crouch Hill Station and ticket office are in a conservation area and have heritage value. The applicant plans to keep the original railway buildings, but behind this wishes to construct a four-storey residential block covering most of the garden area, with a small workspace beneath.

We, the residents directly affected, consider the plans for the monolithic block to be out of scale and ill-suited to its surroundings. It would stand four feet away from neighbouring two-storey houses in Japan Crescent, towering over them, blocking the skyline and significantly reducing daylight. There is a proposed café on the site, but the immediate area is already well served by many cafés competing for custom.

Restricted access for station users, emergency services and future residents on what is a development so very close to the edge of the platform of Crouch Hill Station should be a concern.

Romilly Graham, Cornelia Maynard Smith, Barbara and Anne George, Ron Lawes, Ed Herten, Melanie Silgardo, Kasha Dalal, Chris and Bryony Howe, Jeremy and Daniela Somerscales, Rik and Sue Lewis, Ingrid Pilkington, Mat Wright, Deborah Ross, Rebecca Edge and James Burkhardt, Ian Costen, Rachel Toogood and Sean Gregory, Japan Crescent, N4, Jess Milne, Celia Cole Mount Pleasant Crescent, N4


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