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This show is disgusting

18 September, 2020

• I GREW up in Islington in the 1960s and was really looking forward to watching the Channel 5 programme The Mega Council Estate Next Door, hoping for some nostalgia of the Cally and surrounding areas of my fabulous childhood, (‘TV show has made us look like scroungers’, September 11).

Instead I was appalled by the depiction of people living on the supposed wrong side, being all down and outs, scroungers and general low-lifes. So disgusted was I, I wrote to Channel 5 to say that it was totally unjust.

My adult children now have the impression everyone in the Caledonian Road go around stabbing each other, and now won’t visit the area I had spent years telling them about.

I went to Thornhill school and lived in Twyford Street. My friends came from as “far away” as Barnsbury. No one looked down on anyone else and most people were respectable and looked after themselves and their homes.

Channel 5 could have found plenty of people like that on the Cally, but instead only showed the worst-case scenarios and made a mockery of them. It was absolutely disgusting.

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