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This TV programme has caused anguish on the Cally

11 September, 2020

• I DEMAND restorative justice for the Cally community.

I was involved in the filming of a programme that we were told was about inspirational, talented, people from either side of the privilege divide, giving us opportunities to succeed, (The Mega Council Estate Next Door on Channel 5 on September 6).

This is anything but the truth. I understand and accept that TV programmes bend and embellish the truth to increase viewer numbers.

But manipulating naive or vulnerable people and those with mental health or addiction issues to portray laughable patheticness is unacceptable just for the sake of ratings and ultimately profits.

I have lived on The Cally for over 60 years and have never experienced the level of anguish this programme has caused our community. I now live under a cloud of shame.

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