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28 June, 2019

Lanah P and Her Majesty the Queen at the Primrose Hill Summer Fair

• THANK you to the brilliant CNJ for possessing an evolved and heightened sense of humour and comic appreciation while maintaining an editorial democracy.

On the contrary of the letter, (Your front-page picture was demeaning, June 20), I must add that I have a modicum of respect for the nonagenarian old Queen, and I’ve mingled with quite a few of them in my time, and have even received a smile and a wave on occasion over the years when encountering this one – the first lady of an ancient immigrant family that have done really well for themselves.

And in spite of all the history regarding Her Majesty, and that of her family, one still maintains a modicum of admiration for her stamina; even in the light of her living in the biggest taxpayer-funded council house in the UK, in the middle of London, while many of her loyal subjects have been cleansed from their roots.

In spite of her wealth and privilege, all over the land human beings have been forced into homelessness, destitution and penury because of the pernicious council tax; there are cancer patients not being treated; cuts to our NHS and police; four million of our children live in poverty; nurses are forced to use food banks and firefighters forced to take second and third jobs; homelessness has risen by 28 per cent and includes 14,000 war veterans in the sixth richest country on the planet; affordable social housing is not being built; and people go about in terror of losing their jobs with nothing in savings and no welfare safety net to catch them as they fall.

I admire the Queen as she has had to entertain some of the biggest war criminals and psychopaths. And US president Donald Trump who incarcerates tiny children, in cages separating them from their parents, and threatens lgbtq people and misgenders trans folk.

She, in her priceless jewels, still has to pretend and show courtesy at her golden banquets that cost thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money, while many children go to bed crying from hunger; and that’s apart from the fact there have been thousands of suicides since her current government have been in office.

All this makes me feel sorry for a woman who has to play a neutral role in politics and is unable to vote or stand for election. Yet she does have important ceremonial and formal roles in relation to government; parliament may make laws, but the Queen must sign off on them, however cruel a law may be to the poorest and weakest in society. So she must have approved the Tory austerity!

Shame on those that uphold this system and think that this is any way to uphold a democracy and create a fairer, more equal, society.

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