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Thousands see launch of Corbyn’s ‘Peace and Justice project’

Islington North MP sets out plans to tackle ‘climate catastrophe’ and impact of Covid-19

22 January, 2021 — By Calum Fraser

Jeremy Corbyn and, right, Noam Chomsky during the online launch of the project for Peace and Justice

WORLD-RENOWNED thinkers Noam Chomsky and Yanis Varoufakis helped launch Jeremy Corbyn’s project for Peace and Justice this week.

In a live online discussion on Sunday, that has been viewed by more than half-a-million people, the Islington North MP set out his plans to tackle the “climate catastrophe” as well as the economic and social impact of the Covid-19 crisis.

Mr Corbyn hopes to play a convening role in bringing together activists, trade unions and other groups through his initiative and he invited the public to sign up so they can be directed to projects working on the ground.

He said: “We will be commissioning new research and thinking and policies that can be used by movements, communities and parties around the world to build a global green new deal. But we won’t do this to movements, we will do it with movements, so we will be convening regular meetings with climate activists, community groups and with trade unions representing workers.”

Yanis Varoufakis

The former leader of the Labour Party also set his sights on challenging the power of billionaire media-moguls and “tech giants” by working with experts, academics and journalists investigating these companies.

Ex-Greek finance minister Dr Varoufakis, who gained prominence in 2015 during the European Union debt crisis, said: “It’s not an iron law of history that progressive politics will prevail.

“This is why we need the project that Jeremy Corbyn is launching.”

American academic Dr Chomsky said: “There have been needless suffering and deaths in the pandemic, and will be in the climate crisis too – unless we can stop it. All of these crises require international solidarity.”


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