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Time for a U-turn on destruction of this ‘little forest’

26 June, 2020

Sycamore and Norwegian maple trees at Dixon Clark Court

• LARGE healthy trees mitigate the worst effects of air pollution.

Despite claims from our elected officials, a tiny mitigating hedge offered by the council to ring Canonbury primary in lieu of the seven threatened mature chestnut, sycamore and Norwegian maple trees at Dixon Clark Court, will do little to protect the growing lungs of children from the worst effects of the toxic particulate matter in the air at Highbury Corner.

We have to act now, and like it actually is the “climate emergency” that Islington Council declared it to be last year, and not mere empty words that sounded fashionable at the time.

Islington residents are constantly fed council propaganda stating that planting several saplings can offset the negative climate impacts of cutting down one or two mature trees. This is a fallacy, they are not equal.

I find it disturbing that while the council contemplates massacring our “little forest” it is consulting the public for its views on the biodiversity action plan for 2030. Such cognitive dissonance is astounding, especially for a progressive London borough.

The public should not be forced to make a choice between housing or trees. It should be housing and trees. Now is the time to be bold and to show strength and leadership by making tough choices.

By invoking climate emergency powers, council leader Cllr Richard Watts should make an immediate U-turn on this urgent local and ecological issue.



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