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Time to build up our own skills

22 September, 2017

• ONE of the reasons people voted to leave the EU last year was for us in Britain to be able to make our own decisions.

The present situation is that all 28 members, Britain included, have to abide by the majority decisions of the other countries, even if it is against their own country’s interests.

While in the EU we have to accept the free movement of people. This suits business concerns, of course, because they have always wanted a large pool of cheap labour. In Victorian times it was the Irish. In the 1950s it was the West Indians. Today it’s the east Europeans.

The first thing anyone coming into this country needs is a roof over their head. Islington’s housing waiting list has reached 19,000. Most people on it, many for quite a few years, haven’t a hope of ever getting rehoused. Yet the “Let ’em all come” brigade ignores this. They obviously haven’t thought it through.

Because firms have ignored the necessity of training skilled labour, we now need to recruit skilled workers from abroad but it’s imperative that, in the meantime, we do have many more apprentice schemes and technical colleges.

We should slow down the emphasis on so many students going to university for academic studies and instead start building up practical skills that are needed.

When Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the Labour Party last year, he said, quite rightly, that we needed a planned economy.

Since then, in an effort to placate the middle-class liberals who now seem to constitute the bulk of the Labour Party, he has backtracked on earlier radical policies, has sought to ignore what the majority of the working class wanted from the referendum, and is becoming even more isolated from the working class.

This is going to rebound on him and his party sooner or later.

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